I have a business, it’s doing well, what is a website for? or it’s not doing well, how will a website improve my business? Maybe it’s just a trend everyone follows blindly.

In this article we are going to make a deep assistive analysis which at the end will show you, if you really do need a website, and everything it implies.

The problem

It’s important to understand what problem we are trying to solve before we rush into making any website. Why do companies make websites, what do they use websites for?


To have information about the company immediately available, no need to send company profile, no need to self explain to each every client you meet, you give them the domain name, “check me at businesstanzania.co.tz”, that’s it.

Reference, business legitimacy

Sad to admit but a business that has a website well crafted, appears to be more legitimate than a business that doesn’t, this mostly applies to small businesses and start ups that have no recognition yet. It portrays a certain degree of investment capability and attention to details that in abstraction infers legitimacy.

Increase in sales

The amount of coverage a business gets in other forms of marketing is limited compared to the coverage that is provided by a well designed and positioned website. But when in comes to sales, the website itself is not enough, it has to be coupled by social media marketing and search engine optimization to exploit its full potential.


Some businesses require convenient remote engagement from their customers from where ever they are, example to have a registry of the businesses’ current customers, to disseminate periodically information targeting customers with updates, changes in the business catalog, orders or quote requests.

It is itself the business

This can mean that the website itself is the business for a certain company or the website is the main point of access to the business. For example, an eCommerce website like amazon, an online library, courses website, online web applications, online business management software etc

Point of access

Some services or activities of certain websites can be done online, they don’t necessarily require physical presence of a person. For example, purchasing movie tickets online, purchasing subscriptions, checking tourism destinations, booking for flights, the list goes on and on.

The solution

In a business owner perspective you can easily know what your business needs are, but to know and understand exactly if you need the website or not, you need meet up with a consultant or a professional who can provide solution to whichever case your business need falls into. There’s multitude of business or software companies that exist for this purpose.

Does my business really, really need a website? Yes, yes it does!

In Tanzania many businesses launch websites without clearly understanding which problem exactly the website is going to solve and as a result, they end up creating a website that is generic, not solving a specific purpose, but existing so that the business can have a website. This is problematic because down the road the business will see website as a waste of money.

What most small businesses and startups fail to grasp is that a website is only a piece of the puzzle. Not a full solution.

Why do I need a website?

First a clarification is required, you don’t need only a website, you need a solution, you need to understand that any business in 2020 requires a website, an online presence, but not only that, the website has to be tailored to you business’ specific needs to become a solution.

Any business will benefit largely from a well crafted, well tailored website, which also requires a method to get the website known to your customers, to get an outreach to the targeted prospect clients. In doing so there is a guaranteed growth in your business. A website is not something that you just create, put online and then that’s it, a website requires consistent periodic maintenance to audit it, if it is meeting the goals that it was made for, that is it an asset or a liability for your business and how to improve it based on the metrics such as monthly traffic, daily traffic or website retention.

Your business requires a website, a solution to capitalize your presence. Find the right people to give you the online presence, the business solution your business really needs.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anaïs Nin