1. Laravel Snippets, Laravel go to view, Laravel go to controller
  2. Php intelephense
  3. Remote — SSH
  4. Beautify
  5. GitLens
  6. Projects
  7. Angular schematics
  8. File Utils
  9. Vetur
  10. Babel Javascript

Laravel Snippets, Laravel go to view, Laravel go to controller

For Laravel development this three extensions are must have. Laravel Snippets comes with code snippets for your models, controllers, blade templates, events and much more.

As the name suggests go to controller will help you go to controllers. It will highlight all your routes, and with a click while pressing control key, it will tell you to the exact controller method.

Laravel go to view also like go to controller helps you navigate your project. It will highlight the views inside the "view()" helper, and blade helpers like extends, include, component. Then with a click and  pressing control key it will take you to the exact view.

Php Intelephense

Php intelephense introduces ide intelligence to vscode development. You can easily navigate through code, go to function and class definitions, go to variable declarations, hint on method arguments, code completion, auto import classes to name a few.

Remote - SSH

For those times when you just want to work on code, on the remote server without having to clone or download the files first, Remote SSH is the way. It installs vscode server on the server which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of vscode, but on the server.


The most helpful extension when it comes to HTML, CSS, JavaScript development. It instantly aligns, ident and arrange your code so it becomes easy to navigate, maintain and read.


I haven't been able to explore the full potential of this extension, but it is certainly helpful when you want to navigate your git repository fast. To see the file history, to see the line history, compare commits, get the list of commits in a branch, git blaming etc. Most of these functionalities can be found directly in the editor itself with other being on the side panel. With git lens you basically have to write less and less git commands on your terminal.


If you are tired of opening file explorer and right-clicking a folder to select open with vscode every time you work on a project then this extension is definitely for you. It organizes all your projects in the side panel of vscode allowing of quickly switching between your projects with ease.

Angular Schematics

Are you tired of going to the terminal and starting to type every time you want create a component for angular or a service? This extension is the best fit for you. It takes away all the hassle of having to type angular commands and allows you to get whatever you want within a few clicks.

File Utils

File utils comes with multitude of file operations that assist you in working with files within your projects. It allows you to move, duplicate, rename or create files direct in your editor without having to traverse your project tree to perform simple operations.


For Vuejs development this extension is the best. It has almost all the code snippets that are required for Vuejs development. From the methods, to computed properties, to vuex store methods. Hard to pin point what is missing. Development in Vuejs without Vetur, might better go back to the caves and draw on the walls.

Babel JavaScript

Babel JavaScript by Michael McDermott is the most or among the most useful extension for React development. It has a very efficient syntax highlighting which allows for those who find React counter intuitive to easily understand, write and navigate the code.  

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